27.12. v Glendale

28. prosince 2010 v 16:09 |  Gallery - Candids
Rachel si včera vyrazila v Glendale na procházku se svou kamarádkou. Měla na sobě vlněný béžový svetr, bíle triko, džíny a červenou "hippie" tašku. Samozřejmě, že na očích jí nechyběly klasické Ray Ban Wayfarerky. Nevypadá to, že by tam měli nějakou zimu, podle toho oblečení. A to sluníčko jim vážně závidím!


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Post-apocalyptic world.
You are a robot peacefully sleeping in a half-destroyed complex that once provided sex services.
For many years the complex hasn't had a single customer, but suddenly your sensors notice some movement.

• Several rooms
Piece by piece you will unlock new rooms, devices and game mechanics.
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If you do not want to bother with the story - there is an opportunity to just have fun
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• Several characters are planned.
(the idea is under consideration)

If you interested - try out concept version of the game.
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zA1JigW95FgKhJQ-62tXAH7yOoZI8ZMY  ;(Vive 0.1)

Also if you interested to watch the development process (and get full game build as soon as it will be ready) you can support me on patreon
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